Fortune Coin Boost Review: RTP 95.10% (IGT)

Fortune Coin Boost Review

Do you need this Fortune Coin Boost review? This classics slot is a follow-up to a slot machine released by IGT in early 2020. They’re going for the same Oriental concept as the previous internet slot, and the design style is one that fans of the genre will recognize.

With a lot of dark red and gold colors, Fortune Coin Boost doesn’t make the best initial impression. Fortunately, the finer points might persuade you otherwise.

Best Fortune Coin Boost Review

Fortune Coin Boost Review

Fortune Coin Boost Review

From the 5×3 reels of the gambling machine slot, you’ll find 243 chances to win. We liked the top prize of 8,000x the stake, however, the 95.10% RTP is an area where they should improve. 

Wilds, scatters, free spins, stacked symbols, and bonus games are just some of the mechanics that might help make the game more interesting.

1. Betting Options

It allows you to wager as little as $0.75 or as much as $7,500. It will most probably depend on the online casino, but high rollers are expected to be accommodated.

Fortune Coin Boost’s Jackpot Bonus permits it to pay out a peak jackpot of 8,000 times the wager. Normally, this would be a nice reward, but with an RTP of 95.10%, the machine doesn’t seem to be persuading us to look past the low payout.

2. Game Features

To start, let’s talk about stacked symbols. One of the slot’s symbols, either normal or wild, will be selected for the next spin and will have the possibility to land stacked. Each round, a different choice is made.

Dragon Wild

You’ll apply Dragon Wilds to fill in for missing symbols when they arise. It isn’t the most powerful feature, but it has a long-term impact.

The Fortune Coin bonus will be triggered when Coins appear in view. As a result, there are a variety of outcomes that could occur. These coins can either send you to the free spins round, a Jackpot Bonus Game or award you somewhere between 10x and 750x your stake.

Red Coin

It’s possible that you’ll get a Red Coin, allowing you to apply a Fortune Coin Boost. This may increase the value of prizes or a planned feature.

The gaming machine slot can give you 5 to 20 free spins if you get three or more scatter symbols (10 to 20 if it’s through scatters).

The special bit is used because low-value combinations are no longer possible. You can eliminate up to three of the lower-value top symbols if a Feature Boost is useful. As a result, you’ll be more likely to create higher-value winning combinations in the first place.

Jackpot Bonus

The Jackpot Bonus, which is another significant element that might be triggered, will need you to make decisions. You must uncover three jackpots of the same type to earn rewards worth up to 1,333.33x the round’s stake. Regarding Keluaran SGP you can try to maximize profits.

Increase your jackpots by up to 6 times with Red Coin Boosts. This allows for an 8,000x maximum jackpot payout. A mechanism is also in place that allows low-value jackpots to be removed using the same Feature Boost, improving the chances of earning a huge payout.

3. Design and Theme

The chosen theme for Fortune Coin Boost is Oriental, and the target market is most likely China. Gold coin heaps with dragons on the sides are visible, however, that is only the logo. The usage of dark reds is common, and gold is frequently employed as a decorative element.

Initially, Fortune Coin Boost’s emblems would be focused on Royals, specifically the top six (9 to A). Following that are Dragons, The Emperor, Turtles, and Fish. Fortune Coins, scatter symbols, and wild symbols will all play a role in the game.

Final Words

In conclusion of the Fortune Coin Boost review, it isn’t a bad game, but it’s also not a slot machine we’d suggest to everyone. Some of it will appeal to fans of the Oriental motif, but we doubt anyone will enjoy the 95.10% RTP.

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