An Armed Robbery is Foiled by a Security Guard at Legends Poker Room

Security Guard at Legends Poker Room

A security officer at Houston’s Legends Poker Room may have avoided a dangerous situation by tackling and pinning a suspected armed robber down before the confrontation escalated.

Trelynn Robinson, known as “Tek” to locals, was unfazed when a guy holding an AR-15 entered the building at 1:30 a.m. Monday pass the security guard at Legends Poker Room. The suspected suspect informed the more than 40 customers that he was robbing the establishment.

How Robbery Try to Broke at The Security Guard at Legends Poker Room

Robinson, on the other hand, was not going to let an armed robber impose his will on the firm he was hired to guard.

He tackled the suspect from behind, battled with the person holding a weapon, and then gained help from other gamers and staff. The weapon went off around a dozen times, but no one was hurt.

Security Guard at Legends Poker Room

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Robinson was able to hold the man pinned down until police came after battling off the perpetrator in security guard at Legends Poker Room.

“And he was begging me to give him the money,” Robinson said, according to KTRK, Houston’s ABC station. “Instead, I went at him, battled him, wrestled him with the pistol, and it began to fire. A few things happened. I was able to tackle him to the ground, place handcuffs on him, and arrest him.”

Robinson said he was hurt in the brawl and had a dislocated shoulder. Without his planned and gutsy approach, far more harm may have been done. The unnamed person was apprehended and detained.

Repaying the Favor of Security Guard at Legends Poker Room

Many of the local poker players have already praised “Tek.” A security guard at Legends Poker Room dealer has already started a GoFundMe campaign to gather funds to repay Robinson for his efforts.

“This man is a hero; he will incur medical expenditures as a result of the injuries he got during the event, and he will have to deal with the fallout from what happened tonight. So, please give some money and spread the word about this link “According to the GoFundMe page.

At the time of publication, just 50 dollars of the 40,000 dollars goal had been raised. So yet, Sean Benefiel, the dealer who initiated the GoFundMe, is the lone donation.

Security Guard at Legends Poker Room Concern

Legends Poker Room is a short walk from the newly renamed 101 Poker Club, formerly Johnny Chan’s 88 Social, where Sammy Farha was recently involved in a serious confrontation.

Legends, one of the newest rooms in town, has a strong client base, but some local players have voiced worries about the room’s safety on social media, despite the presence of professional security officers like Robinson on duty.

The card room was also the target of a recent YouTube undercover investigation by Wayne Dolcefino of Dolcefino Consulting, who formerly worked at Prime Social, another Houston poker room.

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