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Jingle Spin Game Slot

Immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere, its gifts and its decorations with the Jingle Spin game slot machine. Try to win as many winnings as possible with the help of Santa Claus and his tireless elves. Indeed, NetEnt has rolled up its sleeves to bring you this captivating game with easy-to-learn features. Jingle Spin will allow you to win a nice jackpot, offering you several possibilities to achieve victory. Besides, special symbols, bonuses and free spins are waiting for you in this game.

Experience the exciting Jingle Spin game slot

Designed with cheerful and colorful graphics where red dominates, Jingle Spin is an unmissable online slot machine. Its interface welcomes you with the mythical fat man and his elves who watch over a wheel of fortune. However, they are not there to protect anything, but to help you hit the jackpot. 

For this quest, you will have 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. Under the motivating cries and laughter of Santa Claus, manipulate the pleasant symbols to form winning combinations. You will find, among them, many decorative objects of the traditional Christmas tree: balls, cones, pine cones, deer, etc… Other symbols display the figures of playing cards from 10 to Ace. During your spins, you will have the joy of benefiting from the 4 advantageous features that Jingle Spin has and which have made it famous.

Jingle Spin Game Slot

The features 

In addition to Santa’s “He-Ho, Ahhh and Hop”, Jingle Spin also stands out thanks to its countless options. In all, the game has 4 features that trigger randomly, as you throw your spins. These are the Spreadings Wild Bauble, the Free Spins Bauble, the Coin Win Bauble and the Surprise Bauble. 

On Jingle Spin game slot, Wilds activate the Spreadings Wild Bauble feature if they appear on the top reels. In standard mode or during free spins, Spreading Wilds can pop up anywhere. 

Bonus Free Spins

The Free Spins Baubles have the role of activating the free spins on the platform. The Coin Win Bauble, on the other hand, is a multiplication system that allows you to benefit from the highest payout. As for the Surprise Bauble, it allows you to access one of the Coin Win Bauble, Free Spins Bauble or Spreading Wild Bauble features. If you are looking for a place to play that gives lots of bonuses, you can visit Aw8Indo!


Jingle Spin game slot, a must-play Akun Pro Kamboja online slot machine, features bright, upbeat graphics with a red color scheme. The mythological fat man and his elves, who keep watch over a wheel of fortune, greet you on its user interface. They are there to help you win the lottery, not to safeguard anything.

You will have 20 paylines, 3 rows, and 5 reels for this mission. Manipulate the cheery symbols to create winning combinations while listening to Santa Claus’s energizing yells and laughter. Numerous ornamental elements from the classic Christmas tree, such as balls, cones, pine cones, deer, etc., can be found among them. The images of playing cards from 10 to Ace are shown in other symbols. You will enjoy the pleasure of taking advantage of the four advantageous features that Jingle Spin has and that have made it renowned while you spin the reels.

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