Fortune Coin Slot Review (IGT | RTP 96.2%) 

Fortune Coin Slot Review

Are you searching for the Fortune Coin slot review? This game is an IGT slot with a Chinese theme that was released on January 23rd, 2020. It’s a slot machine with fairly standard visuals for a Chinese theme, but fixed jackpots and a couple of good features.

A Brief of Fortune Coin Slot Review

Fortune Coin Slot Review

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Fortune Coin features 5×3 reels with 243 ways to win for winning combinations. The Jackpot Bonus, free spins, and scattered Coins are the main features of the slot. 

With an RTP of 96.20%, this is a long-term fair slot machine, at least as fair as any other. Looking at the game’s highest potential, the Maxi Jackpot can pay out up to $100,000, with Jackpot Boosts increasing that to $600,000.

1. Wagering Options

Every round of Fortune Coin allows you to wager up to 60 coins. As a result, 243 ways to win have been activated. You can only change the total bet from $0.60 to $600, and the coin denominations appear to go up to $10.

Now, if you only look at regular combos, you might not be too excited about Fortune Coin, as every way to win/line will pay no more than 40 coins when covered by the game’s best symbols. At best, this translates to a jackpot of 162 times the stake.

However, the majority of the game’s rewards come from its Jackpots, which can be worth up to 1,000 times the stake. To do so, you’ll need to hit both the Maxi Jackpot (166x your stake) and the 6x Bonus Boost (highest possible). Overall, it only sounds impressive if you’re betting a lot of money, which most people can’t afford.

It appears to have a reasonable RTP of 96.20%, but the low top payouts will deter many players.

2. Game Features

Synced reels are a feature of the game, and each spin will be dependent on two or more columns syncing up.

You’ll notice that there are four different fixed jackpots available in the game. You must first reach the Jackpot Bonus to activate one of them. Maxi, Major, Minor, and Mini are the four jackpots. Multipliers of up to 6x can be added by Super Boost icons.

Fortune Coin also includes a major feature called Free Spins, which can be accessed by landing scatter symbols at the right time. Fortune Coin can also give you cash prizes worth up to 1,000 coins.

The free spins are triggered by scatter symbols and award 10, 15, or 20 rounds for 3, 4, or 5 symbols, respectively. In the same way, you can reactivate the feature.

Wilds will also appear in the game, and you can use them as replacement symbols if they appear on the right reel (which is easier to do in a slot with multiple ways to win). These are not substitutes for scatter symbols.

3. Design and Theme

In terms of the theme, Chinese legends have clearly been a source of inspiration in this case. The symbols displayed are gold-plated replicas of various lucky or well-known creatures. Dragons, lions, fish, and turtles can all be found there. 

Other symbols simply provide us with a variety of gold-plated ornaments. Finally, the Royals, with their dull designs, can be found among the low-value icons.


It doesn’t feel like a modern slot machine, at least not in terms of graphics. IGT still has a long way to go in this area before it can compete with NetEnt.

Final Words

In the end of Fortune Coin slot review, the game has some unique features, and the synced reels, in particular, are entertaining for a slot gacor with multiple ways to win. We’re not big fans of slots with 160x top payouts, but if you prefer lower-volatility games, it might work for you.

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