Carol of the Elves Slot Demo: Features, RTP & Volatility

Carol of the Elves Slot

The imaginative minds of Yggdrasil Gaming are the ones who came up with the romantically named Carol of the Elves Slot Demo. However, given that it is a mistletoe adaptation of their mega hit Valley of the Gods, they haven’t exactly been inventive this time.

Perhaps the original has lost its shine since sequel Valley of the Gods 2 came out. Yggdrasil might as well get a little more use out of the code if it’s going to vanish into obscurity like an undiscovered Pharaoh’s tomb.

They’ve accomplished this by covering it in tinsel and giving it a night before Christmas appearance. The location is as far away from Egypt’s scorching, arid landscape as it is possible to get. The 5×5 grid is scattered around the floor of the living room, surrounded by presents, bells, and other ornaments.

The game is best played without the sound muted unless the schmaltz becomes too overpowering because despite its unimpressive visuals, the soundtrack makes up a large portion of its pleasure.

Any device can be used to play Carol of the Elves, and the average player should be able to wager between 10p and £150 every spin. Players in Carol of the Elves receive similar statistics to those in Valley of the Gods, but because high rollers place larger bets, the maximum payout is higher (580,000€ vs. 870,000€). 

Additionally, there is a lot of volatility, which can be challenging in a game where achieving success depends on accumulating victories after wins. The theoretical rate of wins is about 1 in 5 spins (22.8%), while RTP is significantly above average at 96.2%.

Other than the fairly lifeless images for a Yggdrasil game, one of the first things about Carol of the Elves that stands out is the slot arrangement. The position of the reels is 1-3-5-3-1 at the beginning of each paid spin.

Blocker tiles initially occupy the remainder of the grid’s locations. It indicates that there are initially 45 winning combinations, increasing to 3,125 when every position is filled. Three or more matching symbols must be placed side by side, beginning on the first reel, in order to win.

The majority of the symbols, starting with the candy cane-striped 9 to A card royals, have a festive flair to them. The high paying bunnies, foxes, polar bears, and reindeer, which are worth 10 to 20 times the stake for five of a kind, come next. Carol of the Elves Slot Demo doesn’t have any wild symbols, however, has a few more features to fill your stocking.

Carol of the Elves Slot Demo: Features

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In Carol of the Elves Slot Demo, the objective is to accumulate a series of victories in order to clear the grid and activate features. Each time a win is scored, a magic star shoots out from each of the winning symbols, obliterating the game board’s blocker tiles in the process.

A respin is also given. As long as there are still victories after the respin, the process is repeated. The blocker tiles then appear for the subsequent new spin. A win multiplier starting at x2 and additional lives are unlocked if all of the blocker tiles are eliminated.

Each time a win is registered on the entire game grid, the multiplier is increased by one for every five blue magic stars and one life is added for every five red magic stars. Every time there is a losing respin, Extra Lives awards a new respin to keep the game going. When a non-winning respin happens and there are no more additional lives available, The progression comes to an end. Blockers are then placed on the grid to reset it in advance of the following paid spin.

Carol of the Elves Slot Demo: Verdict

In Carol of the Elves Slot Demo, it seems that the adage “C’s get degrees” and the halfway effort are both still in use. Along with copying an old slot, Yggdrasil doesn’t appear to have put as much work as usual on the graphics or the music effects. They were somewhat exonerated due to two factors.

First of all, since it is a Christmas slot, why put your whole heart and soul into it if the majority of gamers would just play it during the few days when the stores are closed? Two: the evocative music is effective in evoking the spirit of the season. It would be ideal in an emotional Christmas film where the children can only see their missing parent’s reflection in the tree ornaments or something similar. It is appropriately retro and on-theme.

If you enjoyed what Valley of the Gods had to offer, the gameplay is also engaging. The format takes patience since, despite the good strike rate, it may be simple to become bogged down in stretches of dead or nothing spins. Additionally, it is not a slot machine where you may instantly enter a bonus game after activating it.

Respins need a lot of momentum to begin moving. Carol of the Elves Slot Demo might be a frustrating game if you simply can’t accumulate the multiplier and additional lives. Like working really hard all year to be a good kid, only to open your stocking on Christmas morning to find some boring piece of clothes, despite requesting a new game console in a letter to Santa.

But Carol of the Elves Slot Demo is gone when it is gone. After all, it is capable of winning up to 5,800 times the stake. It would be an amazing respin recursion to obtain the maximum win. However, even if you are unable to reach such high scores, getting solid rolls nonetheless is enjoyable. Carol of the Elves will undoubtedly resonate with certain people because Valley of the Gods wasn’t widely read for nothing. Are you interested in playing this slot game after reading the review above? You can of course play this game on slot online sites like sits slot88, register now!

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