Wild O’Clock Slot Demo: Number of Reels & Paylines (RTP 95.69%)

Wild O’Clock Slot Demo

Now, we’re gonna talk about the Wild O’Clock Slot Demo. People who are creative occasionally experience periods of writer’s block. They sit down at their keyboard, notebook, whiteboard, or whatever else they use to spark their imagination, but nothing happens. Other times, ideas seem to come to you out of nowhere, gushing forth like a creative geyser in an uncontrollable flood of expression. Red Tiger currently seems to be doing this, opening a floodgate of slots that can be challenging to keep up with.

Time just so happens to be the main theme of review. While some contend that time is only an illusion, the key component of Wild O’Clock Slot is the practical clock, which is used to measure it. Its ticking motion not only establishes the game’s concept but also sets the pace. Since we are stuck with the notion that time can only flow forward or backward, let’s move on and explore the surreal realm of Wild O’Clock, according to some physicists.

A 6-reel, 4-row slot machine with 30 paylines is used for the action. These Red Tiger games will immediately feel familiar if you’ve played them previously. The grid is large and filled with attractive symbols. There is a lot of gold trim. The setting of the game seems to be an interior of a clock, perhaps a clock maker’s workshop? Wherever it is, it’s not particularly obvious, but it’s enigmatic. A music box soundtrack adds an additional layer of mystery to the scene.

This Aw8indo slot game can be played on any device, players participate by choosing wagers ranging from 10 cents to £/€40 every spin. The Wild O’Clock RTP seems to be declining in these Red Tiger fillers, as was mentioned in the Lord of the Wilds review.

Players in Wild O’Clock Slot Demo receive a 95.69% default rate along with medium to high volatility. This can result in lengthy stretches of base game navel gazing until the slot determines that you are eligible for the bonus. You don’t have an invitation, much like an exclusive club event.

Here are certain ground rules of the game before you enter the inner sanctum. First of all, three to six matching symbols must appear on a payline beginning with the first reel in order to produce a winning combination. Most of the symbols used in the game are carefully constructed.

Starting with jewel-like clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts, a six-of-a-kind hand is valued anywhere between 0.6x and 1.2x the stake. The following group of five timepieces includes sundials and pocket watches. For payouts ranging from 2.5 to 10 times the bet, get six of a kind from this group.

A mystical sun and moon in Wild O’Clock Slot Demo that are worth the same as the highest paying symbol serve as the standard wild’s design. There are two wilds; this one can replace any paying symbol and shows up as a 1×1 square on any reel.

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Wild O’Clock Slot Demo: Features

Although Wild O’Clock Slot Demo doesn’t have many features, the way they are configured causes regular events to occur, sort of like clockwork. This is primarily because of the Lucky O’Clock feature, but Multiplier Wilds also appear, and the game’s high point occurs during the Clock Spins that are triggered.

The Lucky O’Clock feature begins after every 12 spins, just as there are 12 hours on a clock. With each spin, the clock mechanism seen above the reels advances by one hour. An arbitrary number of Super Wilds are added to the reels when the number 12 appears. Super Wilds are 1×4-sized wilds that always fill the entire reel and can replace any pay symbol. A full-screen win of 300 times the bet can occur when up to 6 Super Wilds appear.

There is a potential that wild symbols that take part in a win will at random turn into Multiplier Wilds. If they do, any winning combos on the win line will be multiplied by up to x8.

The Clock Spins round, which awards 12 bonus spins with a general multiplier that is applied to all wins, is the icing on the cake. This round is activated when three clock spin scatters are in view.

Any value revealed by a wild on a winning spin is added to the overall multiplier. For a potential final big win, a random number of Super Wilds are added to the reels on the 12th Clock Spin. There is a possibility that the feature will activate again to result in a win if the extra Super Wilds do not lead to one.

Wild O’Clock Slot Demo: Verdict

Red Tiger has created another slot machine, and while it does what it does quite well, it could have been even better. Positives include the appealing graphics and a base game that is made more enticing by the Lucky O’Clock feature that activates every 12 spins.

Time moves a little bit more quickly as a result of this feature, which makes waiting for clock spins easier. Even so, as it frequently does in a Red Tiger filler, goodwill begins to dwindle away when you look at the statistics.

Although it can be just as temperamental as the rest of the game, the bonus round isn’t terrible either. Some bonuses were disappointing, while others went smoothly as long as the overall multiplier increased steadily throughout the feature.

The final spin’s x14 multiplier yielded a useful win of roughly 700 times the stake, which was the best outcome during testing. Not bad until you realize that it amounts to less than one-third of the game’s maximum payout of 2,079 times the stake. In conclusion, Wild O’Clock Slot Demo is a slot machine that is decent enough and has its moments, but because of its flaws, it is difficult for it to improve beyond a so-so level.

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