Top 6 Best Card Games That Are Better Than Hearthstone

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Hearthstone might be recognized for creating the digital card game industry on PC, but it seems like there isn’t a year that goes by without an update that enrages its fans and causes an exodus. When this occurs, other online card games benefit.

We’re living in a great age for CCG online card games on PC, with a variety of excellent varieties to experience. Even better, because Hearthstone is still the best leader for the time being, the free-to-play games on our chart are exceptionally helpful in terms of attracting new players.

Of course, fantastic single player strategy games like Slay the Spire and Monster Train are available, and you might also want to look into Sentinels of the Multiverse, Card Hunter, Carpocalypse, and Griftlands.

Recommended Card Games That Are Better Than Hearthstone

These, on the other hand, are online CCG Card games that are both a fun game to play and achieve something new from Hearthstone that makes them worth a look.

  1. Legends of Runeterra

This League of Legends spin-off changes the MOBA’s heroes into strong cards, converting their playing style to a collectible card game. 

It’s an aggressive game in which summoned followers and heroes strike instantly instead of waiting the usual turn, but it’s not a brainless one—the Oracle’s Eye, which displays your upcoming board states after a specific assault phase or spell has completed, is a crucial component.

What makes Legends of Runeterra so popular, though, is the generous reward system it employs in place of booster packs.

  1. Faeria

Faeria takes place on a hex-based field that begins with a blank slate. Each round, players can set down tiles to create a usable area, which means you must struggle to gain a footing on the map before you can attack your enemy. 

Certain land tiles have special terrain, such as lakes and forests, that are needed to awaken minions of particular clans, similar to how minions are summoned in Magic: The Gathering, but more importantly, the growing land you fight over allows for tactics and strategy instead of stacking up cards to slap face.

Though it used to be free – to – play, Faeria now has a price tag. It’s worth it, though, and there’s also an entertaining single-player adventure.

  1. Infinity Wars: Animated Trading Card Game

Infinity Wars, which has nothing to do with the Avengers, is a CCG featuring battle principles similar to Hearthstone, but where players take turns concurrently, meaning you’ll spend less time waiting for the rope to burn down. 

The ability to switch your forces around in various areas adds another dimension as well—you might adjust the sequence in which the forces in your red zone assault, or swap a stronger force to your defensive zone if your enemy is ready to pull out something large.

To be honest, the voice acting is awful, but the fully animated card design is a wonderful combination of sci-fi and fantasy.

  1. Kards

Kards, the only World War II-themed game in this category, adapts basic CCG gameplay with themes such as a frontline and a support line. 

It places a premium on realism, with both cards and campaigns based on genuine historical events, meant to make you feel like you’re playing an old-school wargame with cards and dice on a green felt table top rather than a Steam CCG.

  1. Gwent

Gwent is not the same as Hearthstone and has no connection to Magic: The Gathering. However, it’s a game of bluffing and timing, with each match being a best-of-three series in which you attempt to finish each round with a better point total than your rival.

Though it began as a minigame copied from Condottiere in The Witcher 3, Gwent has taken on a life of its own, growing into something entirely distinct from the game Geralt experienced. 

It now has a tactical dimension, and you may face a deck built on utilizing soldiers to crew ships and siege weapons so they become more powerful engines for higher points, or one based on monsters spreading little amounts of damage across your cards to feed their bloodlust.

  1. Eternal

In practice, Eternal looks and feels a lot like Hearthstone, but it introduces new features such as ‘instant’ cards that can be played during your rival’s turn, mana cards with different colours for each group, decks with any number of groups combined, and declaring which of your minions will attack and then letting your rival choose their own blockers. 

The crucial point here is that Eternal has managed to make all of these things faster and more rewarding than most other digital CCGs that attempt them, without sacrificing depth for accessibility. It also features a fantastic draft mode that allows you to build a deck from four card packs that you keep for your collection afterward. Those are all top 6 best CCG card games that are better than Hearthstone. You can download and play them on Steam or Play Store. If you are still looking for other options, just go check some PKV Sites, such as bandarqq.

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