Forge of Gems Slot Review: RTP 96.2% High Volatility

Forge of Gems Slot Review

In this Forge of Gems slot review, you will see how to win in the game. This game is the fourth installment in Play’n GO’s renowned Gem slot series, and is dubbed “the hottest game in town.” Perfect Gems was the first book in the series, followed by Frozen Gems, Prism of Gems, and now Prism of Gems. 

Of course, there are a wide variety of different gem-themed games available, making it difficult to stand apart. 

To do this, Play’n GO has developed increasingly complex gameplay as the series has developed. Players in this slot receive a Forge Reel with special modifying symbols, win multipliers, growing ways, and Gemboxes, often known as free spins.

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Best Forge of Gems Slot Review

The Forge of Gems is near to a real forge, which is where the gems are probably created. On a side note, having a forge to produce shining small stones would be very awesome. Creating gems in a lab is no longer a big issue, because the method yields stones that are less expensive than those found in nature. 

Despite the fact that many, if not most, people couldn’t tell the difference between the two, there is some debate about whether these man-made things are genuine gems. 

Is it important whether the rock on someone’s finger was forged in the heart of an asteroid, developed over ages in the earth, or made by a scientist in a lab? The discussion is still going on.

Forge of Gems Slot Review

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1. Volatility and Return to Player

A gaming grid with a 5 x 3 main panel and a special Forge Reel running along the top is set up in front of the forge. Paylines have been replaced by ways to win, which range from 243 to 36,288 due to splitter symbols, in keeping with tradition. 

Forge of Gems has a very high volatility rating of 10 out of 10, but the RTP varies based on the casino and jurisdiction, with 96.2% being the highest value. The game can be played on any device, with bets ranging from ten cents to £/€100 each spin.

2. Paytable

Gems make up the premium side of the paytable once again, with 4 of them worth 0.5 to 1 times the stake for a five-of-a-kind winning. 

Lower down, we’ll encounter 10-A card ranks, which are worth 0.3-0.4x the stake if you get five of a kind. Diamonds are wild and pay 3x the stake if you get five of them, but they’re more likely to substitute for any other pay symbols to help you build a winning combination.

3. Slot Features

Cascades, the Forge Reel and its many modifiers, as well as free spins, are all features in Forge of Gems that interact and activate each other.


The cascade feature removes every symbol in a winning combination from the board. Then, symbols from the Forge Reel flow down, filling in any remaining gaps, potentially resulting in another win. As long as additional wins arise, the cascade process will continue.

Forge Reel

These unique symbols drop down into the main grid and do their modification when cascades trigger the Forge Reel. 


A red gem scatter symbol appears on all 5 reels. Landing three of them pays 20x the bet plus 8 or 10 free spins, landing four awards 30x the bet plus 10 or 15 free spins, and landing five awards 40x the wager plus 10, 15, or 20 free spins. 

Blank symbols never exist on the Forge Reel during the Gembox bonus, and a multiplier symbol is always assured. The win multiplier does not reset among free spins, so whatever it was on the activating spin is carried over to the bonus round. Finally, because jewel scatters don’t appear during free spins, the feature can’t be reactivated.

Final Words

Despite the on-screen heat generated by the roaring hot forge, Forge of Gems, like the two prior Gem games, lacks a little warmth. It stands in stark contrast to other games with similar themes, such as Lava Lava or Hammer of Vulcan, which were overflowing with unique touches. 

This isn’t necessarily a good or negative thing, based on personal preference, but it does demonstrate that Play’n GO has charted a course for the Gems games and is steadfastly following it. 

It simply means that if you prefer virtual companions such as classical Gods or exotic animals, Forge of Gems may come across as chilly and generic at times. In the end, that is pokerrepublik results about Forge of Gems slot review for you. 

Finally, let us give you some suggestions. You can play Diamond Dozen, Cleopatra, and Mars Odyssey for free in any online casino sites. These slots are almost the same as the Forge of Gems slot game, though a bit different in terms of gameplay, features, and bonuses. Try them and thank us later! / Dy

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